Procrastination Destination: The Guy Fieri vs. Anthony Bourdain Smackdown

I think we can all agree that finals are the absolute worst. In preparation for the shit storm of assignments and assessments I have due in the next week, I’ve spent almost every waking hour in Olin, attempting productivity. Instead of getting anything done, I find myself getting way too invested in celebrity news stories. The one that’s caught my attention most this week involves everyone’s favorite Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts-wearer, Guy Fieri, and ~classy~ celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain.

I’m so invested in this Guy Fieri vs. Anthony Bourdain feud that even though it was in the news a few weeks ago I’m still reading about it obsessively. But just in case you’re not up to date on celebrity chef drama, I highly recommend you check this out. And watch this video. And maybe also this one (which feels vaguely like a Bar Mitzvah montage video, especially if you contrast it with this more upbeat one). And this article, which is definitely fake but amusing regardless.

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