Finals Freakout (A Liveblogging Spectacle)

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We’ve all been stagnantly rotting this past weekend with reading period, AKA the final chill. But now, it’s here and there is no doubt that we are trembing with fear – the moment we’ve all been dreading. Finals. And, like everything that happens at Wes, taking things too far is a skill we would all get an A+ on (or a check plus but honestly what the hell is a check plus, god damn HUMANITIES, man. I don’t get that shit.) Anyway, if you burnt through our incredible Procrastination Destination posts, have been shamed by Netflix one too many times (WHAT DO YOU MEAN, “AM I STILL WATCHING?”), and are still trying to not distract yourself by eating copious amount of Weshop desserts, then I’ve got the perfect solution for you!

I’m gonna let you know where the hottest freakouts are going down! From Usdan to Exley, you get to hear where students just like you are crying the most, complaining copiously, one-upping each other in the “Painful Finals” Olympics, crying the most, cursing out professors left and right, making jokes about dropping out college, getting threats from parents to not drop out of college, crying the most… you get the jist.

Primal Scream just wasn’t enough, you all drank too much coffee, Adderall jokes are now becoming a serious idea in light of your 72 hour study spree, and everyone is ready to escape the hellhole that is academia, so, without further ado… FREAKOUT!

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