Procrastination Destination: The Return of Neopets and A Very Long Harry Potter Sorting Quiz


I’m actually brain dead so there won’t be any clever introduction to this. I’m just giving you the great procrastination ideas that you beautiful people all deserve. While completely avoiding studying for my final tomorrow I have rediscovered Neopets. Remember that great game that everyone played at some point from the age of 6-13? (If you still play it I’m not judging you, it’s literally amazing.) It teaches you all about taxes, banking, gambling, and life’s disappointment because did anyone ever actually get a goddamn rare negg or paintbrush?

I encourage you all to rediscover this fantastic game like I did when, instead of writing my Nietzsche paper, I made a Nietzsche neopet with only Nietzsche approved characteristics.





Alternatively, if you have scoffed at my first suggestion, you can take part in this great 125 comprehensive personality assessment that will sort you into the correct house at Hogwarts.

Enjoy while I start studying for my final tomorrow and cry while eating cold Sonic cheese covered tater tots.

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