Our Campus Now Has a Pop-Up Restaurant Called Red Wolf and It’s Orgasmic

The chefs themselves. And yes, the stylish matching apron are part of the experience.

The chefs themselves. And yes, the stylish matching apron and Everclear vase are part of the experience.

Comrades, put down the rubbery Usdan chicken and cringe-worthy coffee. Step away from the congealing Summerfields quesadillas and offensively awful pho (do they still have that? I don’t even know). There’s a new Wesleyan food establishment for this semester only, and it’s holy shit amazeballs.

This past week, Abby Gruppuso ’16 sent us an email saying that her and Wolfi Jorde ’16 had created a pop-up restaurant in their senior house called Red Wolf and wanted us to come check it out. Wilk and I said yes for many reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • Abby and Wolfi are hilarious, entertaining, and interesting humans.
  • Free food (EMPHASIS ON FREE).
  • The ego stroke that comes with being invited to an advance preview of a delicious new temporary eatery that is exclusively open only to ~*~the media~*~.

Anyway, I already had a good feeling about this, but Abby and Wolfi exceeded all expectations: We were met with a fully set table including tablecloths, dishware, and candles (ResLife, if you’re reading this, they were totally just fake lightbulbs). Each place-setting had its own printed menu with all sorts of bougie things that I haven’t eaten in four years on account of being on this campus.

And all I can say is damn, it was fucking delicious.

Read more after the jump to learn more about Red Wolf’s operation so you can get in on this mouthwatering goodness.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 7.37.51 AM

As we were served our prosciutto-wrapped honeydew, bruschetta, and sausage-stuffed peppers (fuck yeah you read all of that right), Abby and Wolfi told us cool media children a little bit more about Red Wolf. Both of them are huge food lovers hoping to enter the business someday, and after making a drunken promise to each other at a New Year’s party, they decided to put their cooking skills to the test (and make new friends!) by starting this lil’ semester-long enterprise.

Anyway, enough about how I had the best meal ever, it’s time to talk about how you can have the best meal ever.

My Snapchat was v active.

My Snapchat was v active.

Here’s how Red Wolf works:

Every week, Abby and Wolfi will advertise an Eventbrite link to their awesome dinner parties along with the theme of the food for that evening. We’ll post the menu/signup here on Wesleying (next week’s is here), and heads up: It’s first come, first (re)served. They’ll only be taking about six guests every week.

Heading to a Red Wolf event does cost a little money, but only to cover food expenses. Abby and Wolfi aren’t looking to be the banker in Monopoly and make serious $$$$$ off of this. They mostly just want warm fuzzies.

Once there, you’ll be served a whole boatload of food and will get to eat it with Abby and Wolfi and whoever else is at the table. I can attest to the fact that there are many chances for good Snapchat photo ops.

You’ll leave feeling satisfied with your life choices because you are being very Wesleyan by eating at a pop-up restaurant in a senior house.

And in case you wanted to know the full menu we had at this preview, it included:

  • Homemade focaccia bread that’s better than pretty much any other carb I’ve had in recent memory.
  • Prosciutto-wrapped honeydew, bruschetta, and sausage-stuffed peppers as appetizers.
  • Braciola served with mushroom risotto and red-wing braised cabbage for the main course.
  • Tiramisu (which had this delightful chocolate snowflake thing on top that probably has a real name but I’m the least sophisticated bitch in any club) for dessert.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 7.41.23 AM

All jokes about my inability to be a fancy human aside, Team Wesleying had an awesome time. The company was rad, the food was beyond delicious, and the whole ambiance was really great. I’m your quintessential senior Wesleyan skeptic, and this was a nice reminder of how talented our student body is and how much people here have to offer.

So, next steps? Red Wolf just put out their next menu. Go sign up.

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