Arabic Vocal Traditions Workshop

Arabic Vocal Workshop

From Erinn Roos-Brown:

In this workshop, Syrian vocalist Gaida, will help you free your own, unique voice and deepen your approach to signing. You will be introduced to different Arabic maqams and to the art of vocal improvisation (Mawal). You will have the opportunity to try with your own voice the ornaments and other characteristic styles of Arab vocalists through traditional and folk Arabic melodies. Gaida will share tips and methods that increase voice malleability, control, clarity and the ability to maintain vocal health in order to sing into old age. She will also discuss a number of concepts related to Arabic singing such as tarab (defined as musical ecstasy) and the practice of obtaining that state of being.

To participate in the workshop, RSVP to eroosbrown[at]wesleyean[dot]edu by Monday, February 1.

Date: Thurday, February 4
Time: 7-9PM
Place: Crowell Concert Hall

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