Savasana Auditions!

12647363_10207217591392457_4903356112447906547_nPeter Casciato ’17 wants you to audition:

yoga is scary and screws with your mind. or it’s calming. sometimes your teacher is constantly adjusting you. sometimes they’re drilling you. sometimes your teacher is a long haired yogi master who is always levitating in full lotus position. yoga, when done in a group setting, may be an intentional way to commit to your practice. or it may feel like a mere robotic repetition of positions passed down from the time of the vedas. or it may be a way to connect with your inner self.
COME AUDITION FOR SAVASANA, a psychothriller short film written & directed by Jacob Seltzer about a yoga teacher training course! Em, the protagonist, is battling her inner demons and looks to yoga in order to cure herself, but when she participates in a yoga teacher training course led by Mark, a manipulative yet seductive guru, the class becomes a cultish experience that complicates internal struggle with an external struggle she must conquer as well.
Come audition! Everyone is welcome!
No need to prepare anything. Sides will be provided
A Cardinal Pictures Production

Date: Today! Sunday, 2/7: 3pm-5pm, Tuesday, 2/9: 4:30pm-6pm
Place: 41 Wyllys Room 110

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