Eclectic in the 90s (feat. An Electric Chair)

“A place where strange people can come together and do strange things,” says radical (but still chill) dudebro Benjy while sitting on a giant red velvet chair. Benjy is a member of Eclectic duh.

A friend showed me this video today, and I couldn’t help but think that this is some ridic Wesleyan episode of MTV’s The Real World from 1994. The first 2 minutes of this random ass video are dedicated to 90s Eclectic for some reason. But, anyways, this has inspired me to “let my freak flag fly” and will thus be adopting this aesthetic for the next 2 weeks:


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4 thoughts on “Eclectic in the 90s (feat. An Electric Chair)

  1. ampg

    Whoever shot this video is kicking themselves for the missed opportunity to get footage of Amanda Palmer in college.

  2. West Eric

    This was shot my senior year, and I’m reasonably certain that 100% of the people appearing in this video (and many people on campus who weren’t in the video) had “F*** MTV” written in a notebook somewhere.

  3. sondisq

    As an alum from the 90s, I will attest to the fact that Wesleyan back then was like this to a milder degree. The Eclectic kids definitely amp’d it up because they knew MTV was filming them. Thanks for the throwback memories. I’m sad to say the guy who created the electric chair died of a drug OD during winter break of his final year.

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