February TipBox Roundup (Hint: Poop’s Involved)


Today’s TipBox roundup is full of all sorts of fun stuff, like calls to write for (maga)zines and cook omelets for gov profs, and also an account of pooping at MRoth‘s house! Check after the jump for this and more.Sinkhole Magazine Logo

Liz Cettina ’18 and Emma Raddatz ’18 have a literary opportunity for you:

Sinkhole is a literary magazine dedicated to innovative and experimental prose pieces. We accept fiction and non-fiction essays, stories, and book reviews. We interview writers about the writing process—how they engage with form, writers who have shaped their work, and personal literary goals and ideals.

We recently published a piece by Cole writing prize winner, Claudia Schatz ’19, called “Deadweight.”

Please submit! All prose pieces can be sent to sinkholemagazine[at]gmail[dot]com. We are also currently accepting artwork and photography for cover images. Any questions or comments can be directed to the magazine email address or to Liz Cettina ’18 and Emma Raddatz ’18.


Prof. John Finn of the Government department also needs your help… to cook the perfect omelet:

I’m looking for volunteers to test recipes for my forthcoming cookbook, entitled “The Perfect Omelet.” Testers will need to cook the recipes they select, eat them, perhaps, and fill out a short form summarizing their experience with the recipe.

Oh–in case it’s not obvious: All of the recipes are for omelets! If interested, pls email me at jfinn[at]wesleyan[dot]edu by end of April.

Here at Wesleying we are v excited about this opportunity and may be liveblogging omelet-making in the near future.


There are of course lots of Wes alums making music, and this month we got a tip about FeelFree, with vocalist/guitarist/trombonist Andrew Pfeiffer ’13. The DC-based reggae band just released a new single, “Fishery.” Check them out on FB or listen to their previous EPs.

roth bathroom


And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for: the poop story. The charismatic and semi-anonymous Mackenzie ’15 undertook a challenge to poop in all of the Wesleyan buildings (excluding houses, which she counted as bonuses) before graduating at the end of the semester. She was remarkably successful, and chronicled most of this defecating on a blog. My favorite story, excerpted below, is her propositioning Roth to poop in his house, which she actually did!

Me: Are you having any more events in your house this semester?

MRoth: No, I don’t think I am.

Me: Well, would you like to hear a funny story?

MRoth: Sure.

Me: Since, as you know, I’m graduating early so I’m not doing a senior project or thesis or anything. I decided to make my own challenge to “use the bathroom” in every building on campus, including your house.

MRoth: …

Me: …Wesleyan…

MRoth: Okay, well I’m having an event at my house at [time] and there will be a hundred people there. You’re not invited, but if you show up, I’ll be wearing a red christmas sweater and can point you to the bathrooms down the hall.

Me: Thank you so much for having us here tonight.

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