Hello Lil’ 2020 Prefrosh!


Hi so Regular Decision notifications went out today. This year, Wes set its record for the highest number of applications received, a 22% increase from last year. If you check the Wesleyan thread on College Confidential (yikes), not only will you be wondering why you are there, but you will also know that I’m not bullshitting you, the decisions are actually out.

And guess what! President Roth tweeted about it:

Now that we’ve heard from our Tweeter-in-Chief (not to be confused with this Tweeter-in-Chief or this one), we at your favorite irreverent sarcastic AF blog thing (maybe an intramural speed-walking team?) Wesleying are here to say CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME and WE DO NOT ALLOW HOVER BOARDS to all the prefrosh out there. They (the institution, the structure, “the man”) have yet to approve my request to join WesAdmits 2020 (although I am in this WesAdmits 2020), so I am leaving these items here FYO (for your orientation):

Current students: Get your troll thumbs ready because THE PREFROSH ARE COMING! Go frolic in the Facebook group, out-ironying the most ironic among us and maybe be helpful occasionally. A bit of always-handy advice from Our Former Dear Leader Zach about WesAdmits from way back in 2011:

Enjoy the WesAdmits Facebook group, but proceed with caution. Yes, everything you post there will be scrutinized by future classmates, current students, admission officers, and Wesleying staff. Yes, your future Wes friends will one day look back on those posts and give you shit for bragging about being one of “those who spell theatre with the r before the e.” It’s okay if you don’t already know where you want to live, what you want to study, who you want to be at Wesleyan: you’re not supposed to. Be friendly, share info, but don’t feel pressured to make all your friends and find a roommate and choose an extracurricular and construct an entire post-high school identity now. It doesn’t work that way. And no, you will not have trouble finding other Wes students who share your obscure interest in Radiohead or Arrested Development or playing tennis. They’re out there, and many of them aren’t posting on the Facebook group.

Oh, and you know that one person who friends every member of the prefrosh class before school even starts? Don’t be that person.

With that piece of advice, I’ll leave you to your acceptance letter lol. WesFest is in 3 weeks. We know what that means. You don’t. So come visit and do something crazy so we can get some fresh new content on the Wesleying Instagram.

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