BREAKING: BØRNS Inadvertently Announces He’s One of Our Spring Fling Acts


It has come to our attention that BØRNS, some “American indie pop artist” (according to Wikipedia) that I’ve never heard of, put his spring/summer concert lineup on his Facebook page (see above graphic), and lo and behold, it says that on May 5th (the Thursday after classes end, otherwise known as ~*~SPRING FLING~*~), he is coming to Wesleyan. Somehow he spelled “Wesleyan” correctly (and got the “University” part right) but managed to spell “Middletown” incorrectly. Whoops.

We’ll update as we learn more (the Spring Fling Committee told us via email they’re not officially announcing anything until April 8th), but if you’re like me and have no fucking clue who BØRNS is, here are some tunes:

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