Waste Not Now Accepting Applications

waste_not_by_daniel18274-d7qtln9From Michael Ortiz ’17:

Hi hi friends. Do you like waste not!-ing? Do you want to help people get cheap stuff for their rooms? Do you like working with a group of students carrying hand me downs? DO YOU CARRY A LUNCHBOX?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, consider applying to Waste Not! Waste Not is Wesleyan’s annual tag sale, which seeks to reduce waste on campus by reselling gently used donations to students in the fall, so that stuff stays in the Wesleyan cycle and isn’t thrown out. We’re looking for awesomesauce people to work with us in the spring, which is basically tearing microwaves out of the hands of weeping seniors. plus, YOU GET TO STAY FOR SENIOR WEEK!!!!!@!!@!

apply to THIS link

apps due by 4/3 :))))

Apply! Woooo!

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