Booking Collective General Interest Meeting!

Sophie Sokolov ’18 writes in:


have you noticed that a lot of the shows @ wes are similar music ? Have you wanted to try to book a show, but didn’t totally know how, or thought the process was too confusing or required too many resources and hidden costs?

I’m trying 2 start a booking collective @ wes ! Some tentative goals may/could be

– Supporting marginalized musicians, using Wesleyan concert funds as a way to directly fund black/brown/queer artists
-Working with survivors of assault to help create safer concerts
-Making booking shows more accessible by helping to spread around some of the responsibility and sharing resources
-Working collectively to hold each other accountable, and in radical presence, to create music as a means of connection

Date: Friday, April 8
Time: 4:00-6:00 PM
Place: The Workshop
Facebook Event: here

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