Half-Naked Michael Roth Clones Materialize in Olin

“I like skin” – Overheard Prefrosh

undiesroth1The weather is warm, the prefrosh are touring, and everyone in Olin is half-naked. Or was half-naked, around noon on the final day of WesFest, because Undies in Olin is a beloved tradition. And we all like scaring prefrosh and their parents.

Just before the events began, people began seating themselves on the first floor and tried to contain their giggles. At 12:00pm on the dot, the stripping began, and soon the library was packed with people in bras and underwear. It was incredible. Wes, you are a gorgeous school.

Olin got as loud as Sci-Li, and it was hard to see through the crowds of naked skin. There was a dog in undies. There was the cardinal mascot. And every single time there was a chorus of “SSSHHHHH,” or a person shouting, “I’M STUDYING,” or “THIS IS A LIBRARY,” we got excited to see the inevitable line of prefrosh tourists—but most of them were false alarms.

When the tour group finally came through, they were all awkward smiles, and apparently a prefrosh dad excitedly took some pics. Weird. Then everyone broke out into the fight song, hurriedly slipped their clothes back on, and Olin returned to the deafeningly silent library it was intended to be.

Here are some pictures, expertly doctored to preserve everyone’s privacy:

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