Submit to / See the Sloth: OH SHIT

sloth poop emojiThe deadline to submit is TODAY so if you are a storyteller, read this message from Lizzie Shackney ’16, Kobi Bordoley ’16, Isabel Alter ’17, and Rachel Day ’16:

tell ur wescams, tell ur friends, tell wescams who are also friends: it’s the final Sloth of the year, and the last chance that you get to tell ur SHITTY STORIES.

The Sloth is like this other thing called the Moth. YOU tell the audience a story, 5 minutes or less, relating to our theme. Audience laughs/cries/shits its pants. It is great, and you, yes you, should try it.

THE THEME: …oh shit.
however you choose to interpret that ;)

SUBMIT to wesloth(at)gmail(at)com BY MONDAY, APRIL 25: a story pitch to us, 200 words or less, and give us an idea of the story you’d like to tell

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27: storytellers announced
THURSDAY, APRIL 28: the show – a fun event for all!

Submission Deadline: TODAY

Show Date: Thursday, April 28
Time: 8-9 PM
Place: the Workshop (behind Hewitt 8)
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