Procrastination Destination: Zardulu and the Rats of New York

zarduluAs a diligent citizen of the internet, I’ve spent a fair amount of time following strange and surreal stories to their murky origins. One that’s caught my fancy recently is Zardulu.

Who is Zardulu? No one really knows. In her twitter bio, she says:

“I am Zardulu. I am the Mythmaker. Myths are dreams we dream together and are not our greatest dreams the ones we believed were real?”

Intrigued? I was. Read on to find out more about the mysterious Zardulu.

I first heard about Zardulu in context of the viral “Pizza Rat” video.

You may have noticed Pizza Rat’s impact on the latest season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Or maybe you caught the first wave of Pizza Rat mania when the video first surfaced in September 2015.

In these articles, different New York actors expose Zardulu as being responsible for various viral internet phenomena. While no one has been able to ascertain Zardulu’s identity, it is fairly certain that she was behind “Selfie Rat”, and most likely behind “Pizza Rat” too.

Is Zardulu just a scam artist? Is this all a big social experiment to teach us a lesson? I don’t know, but it sure makes for a good rabbit hole to go down while procrastinating finals work!

[Editor’s postscript, 2:36pm: There’s a really good Reply All episode about Zardulu and the Pizza Rat phenomenon that adds to the ~mystery~. Are the rats what they seem? –Maya]
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