Procrastination Destination: Marble Sports

Finals have begun, you don’t know how much caffeine you’ve had but you’re permanently vaguely nauseous, all your wescam correspondence is happening between 2 and 5AM, and–for some reason–panic hasn’t set in yet. What better time, then, to watch videos of inanimate objects participating in “sport”? I somehow know the Kentucky Derby happened this weekend, and I imagine this is at least as exciting. Check below the jump for more things neither one of us should be spending our time on.As far as I can tell, the online marble racing world is dominated by one Dutch dude, who has almost 72000 Youtube subscribers and countless videos (because apparently YouTube has removed the feature whereby you can see how many videos a channel has…?). Watch his introduction video here:

Jelle is clearly the marble master, as most of the other marble race type videos on YouTube seem pretty annoying.

Because my marble experience is confined to playing with one of those cool wooden marble run sets that my cousin had (and making jokes about losing them, of course) I am in no way qualified to curate a selection of top marble videos with which to procrastinate. Instead, here are 5 videos I clicked on more or less at random:

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