Procrastination Destination: Tall, Dark, and Scary (But Mostly Tall)

scary forest

I am hyped up, off-campus, riding on the coattails of Friday the 13th… yet, somehow, I find myself typing on Wesleying just to guide you in procrastinating both finals and packing to gtfo campus. To help you in your quest for distraction, I leave you with the following top three most popular Alternate Reality Youtube Series following one of the creepiest, most obsessively followed myths of the internet – Slenderman. (Couldn’t you tell by the title?)

  1. Three bros go from being a fitness vlog channel to having their lives threatened at every turn – complete with time fuckery, amnesia, doppelgangers from the past, and… an alternate universe? In the web sprawling series EverymanHybrid, things go from chill vlogging to downright terror in a quick spin – and the story is still not over! (Feel free to refer to the fan made wiki – as this tale spans a series of sites, events with audience interactions, and livestreams lost to the annals to the internet).
  2. Student-made college films are dope. The stale lines, shaky directorial guidance, awkward film shots, and psuedo-inspiration from Tarantino/ Kubrick/Michael Bay just do it for us here at Wes… amirite? Well, if thats what youre looking for, don’t get hype. In the much hailed, well known series Marble Hornets, protagonist Jay begins looking at an unfinished student film’s tapes after being told to burn them or throw them out. Let’s just say that sometimes, its best to follow instructions and curb your curiosity. Pro-tip: You might want to start filming yourself while you sleep – just to make sure you stay in bed.
  3. There is nothing good that comes out of following any Florida Man’s story – as seen by the 100% true twitter account. However, when we begin to follow TribeTwelve’s Noah Maxwell – his story is far less about dating alligators or snorting bath salts in the freezer of a run-down Subways. Noah’s story follows the death of his cousin, and the presence of a disturbingly blank faced stalker. Hmm, I really, REALLY wonder who that is… hmmmm.

So, have fun, stay up, and spook yourself into the idea that you need to stay awake for finals and packing… or else.


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