Unofficial Orientation Series 2016: Tweet at Us!

“must be a lot more powerful than I imagined. Didn’t realize I could cause such havoc. EXTRA…Cher makes Twitter IRRELVANT. News at 11” – Cher


This is an announcement post. Basically we’re announcing that this Sunday at 3PM EST, Wesleying will be hosting a Twitter chat with any and all who would welcome our snarky online presence. This is part of our 2016 Unofficial Orientation Series, which launches IN FULL FORCE on July 24th! A quick reminder that you can check out the welcome post here, the Dorm Living FAQ post here, and past years’ series here.

Confused as to what this is/why we’re doing a Twitter chat for the first time? Don’t worry: we got u. Here’s why:

Essentially, the point of Wesleying and the point of Unofficial Orientation is to provide a student perspective on student life (shocking!). But it can be difficult to have an organic back-and-forth when you’re just reading an article. Also, as a summer-before-college being, I was freaked because I didn’t actually know anyone currently at Wes (or going to Wes). So we wanna do this Twitter chat so that we can have a real-time fun time on the internet with 2020-ers, and facilitate organic interaction with current students.

Starting at 3PM, we’ll be tweeting various questions and conversation-starters as a guide. But what we really want is for people to mention us with questions about Wes, about our personal lives, about our darkest secrets, about anything really. We’ll be retweeting/replying throughout. And we’re welcoming people of all class years (that includes you,  MRoth ’78) to the convo.

We’ll update this post after the chat with the best tweets from the day. Join us Sunday at 3PM EST pls. Thx. You can find our account by clicking on the username in this conveniently-embedded tweet:

We will update this post with our fave tweets from the day. See you on the internet.

Update (7/18/16, 4:09pm): Here’s some evidence of what went down:

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