Happy Wesleyingiversary: We’re Turning 10!

wesbdayI don’t really know how to say this, but does anyone remember 2006? I was in 5th grade listening to Buy U a Drank authentically, and not as part of a childhood-regression themed pregame playlist. Anyway, way back on 8/23/06, a little thing called Wesleying was founded.

Yeah. This fucking site was around before Twitter. And it was founded back when it was still called thefacebook. Well, 6.5 million pageviews and a Wikipedia page later (Jesus, we should update that), we still exist. We have survived the 33 month lifespan that this random article from 2006 said was the average lifespan of a blog. Back then, the Argus website looked like this. We looked like this. We’ve had some fun along the way. And now we’re gonna party on the internet.

Join us for a liveblog this Tuesday, 8/23/16. Maya made all old authors active again, so join in the fun if you want to. Just don’t call Psafe and don’t spill your mimosa on the digital sofa. We have no idea what we’re gonna liveblog about but it will probably just be staff and some old friends sharing old articles about brutal dildos. And maybe some irreverent commentary on Wesleyan.

We reached out to our founders (to recreate this) and some other old friends and are working on compiling a revisionist history of Wesleying.

Jk, jk. We just interviewed retired Wesleyan bloggers about Wesleyan and about blogging about Wesleyan. And now us current Wesleyan bloggers are blogging about Wesleying blogging about itself. So stay tuned for more…blogging.

Hopefully 10 years more.

Come to our birthday party. BYOB. See you on the 23rd.

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