[LIVEBLOG] Wesleying’s 10 Year Anniversary

“What are you gonna liveblog?”

wesleyingIt’s been a long time since our prehistory. On Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006, Wesleying was founded by Holly Wood ’08 and Xue Davis ’08 as a product of a 3am AIM chatroom conversation. On that same day a few years earlier (in 1978), Kobe Bryant and Julian Casablancas were born! A little before that, on 8/23/1595, “Wallachian prince Michael the Brave confronts the Ottoman army in the Battle of Calugareni and achieves a tactical victory.” 

Way back, Wesleying was “the byproduct of sleep deprivation, masochism and internet addiction.” Ten years later, I am very sleep deprived and very addicted to the internet. So nothing’s changed. Except now there are combination Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/KFCs.

Well, before this blog starts farting dust, we wanted to have a birthday party. So we invited all our past and current staff to participate in a LIVEBLOG. This is the least egalitarian thing we’ve ever done. Or is it? Anyway, we’ll probably talk about ourselves maybe. I honestly have no idea how this is going to go; I just hope the site doesn’t crash. Cheers, Wesleying!

Birthday absurdities, commence:


Gabe August 23, 20164:04 PM

uhh… first?

Maya August 23, 20164:05 PM

‘sup gabe

Maya August 23, 20164:06 PM

when wilk and i were talking about the possibility of a wesleyingiversary liveblog, we were kinda just like “will anyone besides us really care? do we care if anyone else actually cares? what are we even going to liveblog about?” and that’s still my thought process tbh. i feel like we need some sort of prompt

wilk August 23, 20164:06 PM

hi gabe

wilk August 23, 20164:06 PM

We do need a prompt maya

wilk August 23, 20164:07 PM

It’s hard to liveblog something outside of physical reality

Gabe August 23, 20164:07 PM

honestly I haven’t logged in for like a year, so remembering my login took me a moment.

Zach August 23, 20164:08 PM

I figured out how to log in!!

wilk August 23, 20164:08 PM

Top search term for the site today was “dry humping stories”

maybe that’s a prompt?

wilk August 23, 20164:08 PM

woot woot

Maya August 23, 20164:08 PM

omg some poor soul is always trying to look for porn on wesleying and i feel so bad for them

wilk August 23, 20164:09 PM

I know

Gabe August 23, 20164:09 PM

Have we ever figured out what the constant source of views on “The Orgasm Chronicles” is? there’s like always between 30-50 views every day. did someone crosspost to like PornHub or something?

wilk August 23, 20164:09 PM

maybe i feel like people just like their porn

Zach August 23, 20164:11 PM

Guys I miss Usdan Brunch

wilk August 23, 20164:11 PM

hermes said that she’s in a meeting but will join us shortly

wilk August 23, 20164:11 PM

i miss espwesso http://wesleying.org/2010/10/04/espwesso-pweview-night/

Gabe August 23, 20164:12 PM

I like, just graduated, and I still haven’t been to Usdan brunch in like two years.

wilk August 23, 20164:14 PM

I wonder if pyrotechnics misses usdan brunch

Who the Fuck Decides That This Is Okay?

Maya August 23, 20164:16 PM

that seems unlikely. i still have one more year left and i also haven’t been to usdan brunch in a couple years

Maya August 23, 20164:17 PM

also hi zach! i once saw you from across the room at an nyu local young media weekend and was too intimidated to say hello

wilk August 23, 20164:19 PM

I wonder if pyrotechnics misses usdan brunch http://wesleying.org/2013/10/04/who-the-fuck-decides-that-this-is-okay/

Zach August 23, 20164:19 PM

Aw man you should have said hi! I love nyu local young media weekend

Maya August 23, 20164:20 PM

i should have!! this was a couple years ago though, so i was still overwhelmingly shy

Gabe August 23, 20164:21 PM

also i ran into Samira before work because she weirdly works down the street from me and i told her to join us on the liveblog and she said maybe but idk

Maya August 23, 20164:21 PM

fun fact: one of their co-founders told me that wesleying was part of what inspired them to start nyu local and i felt like i was a part of something important

wilk August 23, 20164:22 PM

wesleying is important

wilk August 23, 20164:23 PM

totally not celebrating its birthday because i am grasping at ways to dissociate from Trumpland, Florida

Alix August 23, 20164:24 PM

hi yall!

(and yeah can i second the motion to enjoy escapism from florida bc im suffering here)
wilk August 23, 20164:25 PM

OMG hi alixx

wilk August 23, 20164:25 PM

i feel u

wilk August 23, 20164:26 PM

I wish I pregamed this. We should do more Sober, Drunk, High liveblogs

Gabe August 23, 20164:27 PM

all the best liveblogs have puppies involved

wilk August 23, 20164:27 PM

Totally down to recreate this for Tim Kaine and Mike Pence

Alix August 23, 20164:28 PM

sober drunk high the debates? im in

also, yeah how do we get puppies in on this yo
BZOD August 23, 20164:29 PM

I remember back when liveblogs were two people who had randomly been given editor privileges just editing the same post over and over again and repeatedly saying, “Wait, are you ready for me to update it? I’m going to update it. Please tell me you’re not typing in the WordPress window ’cause I’m editing it.”

wilk August 23, 20164:29 PM

BZOD, that sounds so stressful

kitab August 23, 20164:31 PM

hello from a diner in the middle of nowhere, washington

Gabe August 23, 20164:31 PM

i think after, like, two concert reviews Zach wanted me to do, my other first wesleying piece was the Puppy Bowl liveblog with hermes

kitab August 23, 20164:32 PM

i tried to go to a coffee shop but it didn’t exist

Alix August 23, 20164:32 PM

hi kitab ! that sounds very existential and i hope you found your caffeine

kitab August 23, 20164:33 PM

anyway my favorite liveblog experience was definitely when Maya and I tried to liveblog the figure skating routine of a prefrosh but nbc never aired it so we just watched skiing in her nics single for three hours

BZOD August 23, 20164:35 PM

In case anyone was wondering, I will be slow to respond on this liveblog because I am desperately trying to finish Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories.

michelle August 23, 20164:36 PM

Hi friends!! (Too lazy to read all the way back on my phone)

Maya August 23, 20164:36 PM

was it skiing? i though it was just like other random figure skaters

kitab August 23, 20164:37 PM

nah there was skiing too. and that snowboard dude

wilk August 23, 20164:37 PM

kingdom hearts is a classic

Maya August 23, 20164:37 PM

i’m upset that i don’t remember this??????

wilk August 23, 20164:37 PM


kitab August 23, 20164:37 PM

also BZOD I not-infrequently read your Facebook statuses to my 90yo grandpa in an attempt to make conversation >.>

michelle August 23, 20164:38 PM

omg the moon was my first liveblog and that was back when my username was “the moon” it was gr8

Alix August 23, 20164:39 PM

wait was it the Eclipse thing?? (also hi michelle)

michelle August 23, 20164:40 PM

It was the blood moon!

kitab August 23, 20164:40 PM

good thing it’s documented! http://wesleying.org/2014/02/19/olympic-liveblog-ladies-figure-skating/

Maya August 23, 20164:41 PM

yeah it was a supermoon eclipse http://wesleying.org/2015/09/27/liveblog-supermoon-eclipse/

kitab August 23, 20164:41 PM

anyway this diner has no wifi so goodbye dear web acquaintances!

Alix August 23, 20164:42 PM

thanks for the link – my forgetfulness is at an all time high during summer

Maya August 23, 20164:42 PM

i’m currently sitting at my kitchen counter, listening to my mom try to give my sister directions to a specific gas station by the airport. it’s not going very well

wilk August 23, 20164:42 PM

bye kitab !

but before you leave, I wanted to share one of Holly’s more recent medium posts with everyone because it’s amazing basically https://medium.com/@girlziplocked/why-tentacle-porn-is-the-last-chapter-of-human-civilization-1ae8082f1267#.wraaog7dd

michelle August 23, 20164:43 PM

Bye kitab!

michelle August 23, 20164:44 PM

I’m in a frat house (???) helping my friend unpack his room lol

wilk August 23, 20164:44 PM

i miss everyone:/

Gabe August 23, 20164:45 PM

are people on campus yet

is moving in still a thing?

is moving in still a thing?
what even is the “school year”
michelle August 23, 20164:46 PM

frosh get there in a few days, everyone else is Sept. 3 I think

Alix August 23, 20164:47 PM

its either “moving in” or “resigning ourselves to another stressful year/cold ass winter”

so yeah we’re moving in soon

Maya August 23, 20164:47 PM

yeah undergrad housing opens on 9/3. but i will be staying illegally in my own house starting from 9/1

wilk August 23, 20164:52 PM

guys, i just want to put it out there that I was in 5th grade when this site was founded

michelle August 23, 20164:52 PM

I’m legally moving in on the 29th lol yay no AC

wilk August 23, 20164:53 PM

hey did you all ever try calling the wesleying phone number

michelle August 23, 20164:53 PM

We have a phone number?

wilk August 23, 20164:54 PM


wilk August 23, 20164:54 PM

theres a link on the homepage

wilk August 23, 20164:54 PM

look under “social”

Maya August 23, 20164:56 PM

lol that’s the number to mroth’s office

wilk August 23, 20164:56 PM


michelle August 23, 20164:57 PM


Alix August 23, 20164:57 PM


wilk August 23, 20164:59 PM

i really need to format these interviews i did

Maya August 23, 20165:00 PM

i’m v v interested in what all of your first big wesleying posts were — mine was a two-part series i did with kitab about the bell tower, with much guidance from BZOD

also wilk, i will help

wilk August 23, 20165:01 PM

yesyes! i want to know everyone’s big posts

Gabe August 23, 20165:01 PM

i just straight-up had like five unfinished wesleying posts that i had planned but never got around to just, like, formatting. oh well

Maya August 23, 20165:01 PM

i am also incredibly bothered by the fact that the liveblog text shows up in BOTH crimson text AND helvetica

michelle August 23, 20165:02 PM

p sure mine was a bell and scroll interview?

wilk August 23, 20165:04 PM

Feel you Gabe
and good god fuck helvetica

Alix August 23, 20165:05 PM

my first post was a liveblog lol here i am whats journalism

Gabe August 23, 20165:06 PM

idk what my first big post was but the best one from that first semester that i remember was this bad boy, with beccahope http://wesleying.org/2013/05/05/ethnomusicology-an-adventure-into-olins-scores-and-recordings/

hermes August 23, 20165:07 PM


Alix August 23, 20165:07 PM

hi hermes !!!

wilk August 23, 20165:07 PM


hermes August 23, 20165:08 PM


wilk August 23, 20165:08 PM


Alix August 23, 20165:09 PM

but this site was made for procrasti-scrolling

wilk August 23, 20165:11 PM

i dont think i can do the all caps thing

hermes August 23, 20165:11 PM


hermes August 23, 20165:13 PM

Ugh where are all the oldies at, jeez

wilk August 23, 20165:13 PM

wilk doesnt exist

hermes August 23, 20165:13 PM

@Zach where the f are your peeps

wilk August 23, 20165:14 PM

Yeah Zach bring the squad

hermes August 23, 20165:14 PM

ugh zachary letting me down

wilk August 23, 20165:16 PM

hermes, remember that time we got mini wine boxes and saw that awful movie

wilk August 23, 20165:27 PM

well, this was a fun distraction

Maya August 23, 20165:28 PM

i tried to search the site for that movie but i don’t remember what it’s called and literally just put “movie” into the search bar. it’s still before noon for me, i’m not awake

wilk August 23, 20165:29 PM

It’s called ‘How to Be Single’

wilk August 23, 20165:31 PM

Also did everyone know that it’s the 5 year anniversary of our 5 year anniversary

Gabe August 23, 20165:33 PM


Maya August 23, 20165:35 PM

okay wait so roll call: we have wilk, alix, michelle, Gabe, hermes at work, Zach sort of, BZOD sort of, and occasionally kitab? this is primarily a current-staff-liveblog

wilk August 23, 20165:37 PM

none of the cool kids came to the party:(

Zach August 23, 20165:38 PM


wilk August 23, 20165:39 PM

what if….people transcend material existence postgrad….you know, like Tupac at Coachella

BZOD August 23, 20165:40 PM

yay so happy kitab that you use my FB to talk to old people, kind of

wilk August 23, 20165:41 PM

Maybe all the grads went to http://postwesleying.org/ instead

wilk August 23, 20165:41 PM

or are we living in a post-postwesleying time now

BZOD August 23, 20165:41 PM

but yeah, I feel like many past Wesleyingers are off gallivanting and not necessarily near computers. wieb$ is working as a lumberjack or something.

hermes August 23, 20165:42 PM

omg hey BZOD

BZOD August 23, 20165:42 PM

oh yeah, we ~*almost*~ did post-wesleying but never got around to it

hermes August 23, 20165:42 PM

ugh guys I have to go to a bar in Williamsburg, I’ll ttyl 4 now

Maya August 23, 20165:43 PM

omg hermes good luck. and ugh i just want to know what everyone is doing now that they’re post-wesleying (post-postwesleying, post-post-postwesleying, etc). everyone be my friends

wilk August 23, 20165:43 PM

ah, yes, the gallivanting

wilk August 23, 20165:44 PM

i joined this site to make friends

BZOD August 23, 20165:44 PM

hey hermes, sorry I missed you. I’m procrastinating on packing for the next thing in my life by playing video games, and my 6 year-old macbook runs too hot nowadays to go to the couch with me

BZOD August 23, 20165:45 PM

and Zach and I still use dumbphones, so there’s also that

Zach August 23, 20165:45 PM

BZOD’s allegations are true!

Gabe August 23, 20165:45 PM

why isn’t holly here

wilk August 23, 20165:46 PM

idk maybe because we’re on wordpress now they dont have logins

wilk August 23, 20165:46 PM

but we interviewed them to catch up so peep that when it comes out like tomorrow or something

Maya August 23, 20165:47 PM

yeah! and i checked, they should still be able to post. they have wp accounts n everything

wilk August 23, 20165:49 PM

word. She’s probably out fighting the patriarchal capitalist machine tbh

wilk August 23, 20165:49 PM

God, fuck the patriarchal capitalist machine

Alix August 23, 20165:50 PM

give it time, i bet a lot of post wesleying ppl are heading home or are stuck in traffic or something else…

Alix August 23, 20165:50 PM

also yeah @wilk

wilk August 23, 20165:51 PM

Yeah we should probably wait until everyone is post-office. Btw, I have to pick up my mom from work at the post office in a few

wilk August 23, 20165:52 PM

So I might have to leave in a few

wilk August 23, 20166:00 PM

Okay, this was a really fun way to pretend I’m back at school. But I will leave you all now. Leave me some pizza.

Maya August 23, 20166:10 PM

i’m just watching tv now

Maya August 23, 20166:10 PM

this is fun, right guys, super fun

wilk August 23, 20166:16 PM

very fun Maya

Alix August 23, 20166:21 PM

the funnest (most fun, idk whats grammar)

pyrotechnics August 23, 20167:15 PM

What did I miss?

wilk August 23, 20167:16 PM

Not much

wilk August 23, 20167:17 PM

A lot of current staff lamenting being in trumpland, a reflection on a liveblog or two

wilk August 23, 20167:18 PM

This liveblog is due for a content revolution

wilk August 23, 20167:19 PM

Oh also: Zach misses usdan brunch

Maya August 23, 20167:19 PM

hi pyrotechnics! what’s it like to be back on wesleying

pyrotechnics August 23, 20167:21 PM

I’m not entirely certain how to answer that yet, I think.

I do not miss Usdan brunch. Or cleaning up after people.

pyrotechnics August 23, 20167:22 PM

Also, hi all!

pyrotechnics August 23, 20167:22 PM

Apparently I have the ability to edit other people’s liveblog posts now? Was that always a thing?

Maya August 23, 20167:35 PM

i’m actually not sure if it was always a thing? i usually just use it to fix the fact that liveblog text shows up in two different fonts

pyrotechnics August 23, 20167:36 PM

I promise I will eventually get postwesleying up and running. Humble apologies to everyone that that hasn’t happened yet.

Gabe August 23, 20168:28 PM

are people on campus yet

is moving in still a thing?
what even is the “school year”

kitab August 23, 20168:29 PM

good thing it’s documented! http://wesleying.org/2014/02/19/olympic-liveblog-ladies-figure-skating/

BZOD August 23, 20169:04 PM

pyrotechnics! hey! also, yeah, I think that was always a thing – at least for editors. maybe it’s more universal now, but I’m not sure.