Seeking Stage Manager!

spider-man-gif-clubFrom Elizaveta Kravchenko ’19:

Want to get into the Wes theater scene?Have been involved in theater things in the past? Think the combo of spandex and capes is pretty nifty*?


Spider-Man: Turn Up the Light is looking for a Stage Manager to be a part of our team this fall! Join a funky fresh satire of the Spider-Man origin story featuring:
— love (aka hopeless crushes)!
— death (aka brutal murder)!
— a score with songs by Imagine Dragons (aka actual** zombie slaying music)!

And most importantly
~~ THREE FLYING SUPERHERO PUPPETS! (and two average human puppets, which are fun too I promise)

If you’re interested and want to learn more about being in an ORIGINAL Wesleyan production, or if you finally feel comfortable talking about your embarrassingly large action figure collection, email ekravchenko[at]wesleyan[dot]edu!
*not a deal breaker.
**on my zombie slaying playlist for when the time inevitably comes.

Date/Time: ASAP
Place: None

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