Apply for a Writing Mentor!

writingmentorFord Writing Fellow Gabriel Borelli writes:

Worried about your writing? Fear no more! Apply now for a Writing Mentor, a personal tutor who will meet with you privately to help you with your writing. Mentors can help you at all stages of the writing process — generating ideas, structuring your essay, improving grammar, clarity and style, or simply managing your time — and will meet with you weekly to address all of your writing worries and woes. If you participate, a specially trained sophomore, junior, or senior will meet with you throughout the semester.

We work with students of all writing abilities and in all disciplines, and all services are, of course, free.

Applications are available here.

Please apply by 8:00AM on Monday, September 19th. We will notify new mentees by the 21st, and we will hold a reception for new mentor-mentee couples on the 23rd. We look forward to working with you!

Date: Until Monday, September 9
Time: By 8:00AM on the 9th

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