Usdan Lunch-blog

we won't look like this because this is Mocon in '84; image from the 'Save Mocon' fb group

we won’t look like this because this is Mocon in ’84; image from the ‘Save Mocon’ fb group

As we told you just a few short hours ago, Wesleying needs money, and we are selling stickers to help raise it. Because Usdan is the center of our vibrant campus, we are here, braving the crowds, excited to meet some of you in person. (Usdan actually probably is the center of campus at lunch though, right?)

Come say hi and funny, liveblog-worthy things, and read on!

kitab September 13, 201611:46 AM

hello! i am here. the stickers are not yet here, because we at wesleying are Great at Planning.

kitab September 13, 201611:47 AM

like the good senior i am, i have stolen as many bananas as i can carry

wilk September 13, 201611:50 AM

Hi I wish I was in usdan with you all! HAVE FUN. AND FIND THE HUMAN WHO PULLED THE FIRE ALARM

kitab September 13, 201611:50 AM

we are next to some free bibles so you can pick one of those up too. the bible ladies also have cookies so they’re probably doing better than we are tbh

Maya September 13, 201611:51 AM

the usdan line is literally out the door wtf

kitab September 13, 201611:54 AM

Maya just made a pity sell

Maya September 13, 201611:56 AM

we scattered the stickers all over the table and alix was like “that’s an aesthetic maybe”

kitab September 13, 201611:59 AM

i am the person stuffing my face with salad which maybe is off putting

kitab September 13, 201612:01 PM

wesleying consensus is that usdan is hell. come visit us in hell

Aviv September 13, 201612:18 PM

common time SUX but usdan grilled cheese makes it worth it

michelle September 13, 201612:18 PM

I’m on my way!!

michelle September 13, 201612:19 PM

Anyone wanna steal me a grilled cheese? I got a cafe sandwich bc I don’t f with lines but I’m still hungry lol

Aviv September 13, 201612:21 PM

yo that peanut dressing on the salad in vegan line is GR8

kitab September 13, 201612:23 PM

“your money will buy chairs so we can all sit at this table” – aviv

Aviv September 13, 201612:25 PM

donate to wesleying ur cash will shorten usdan lines!!!

michelle September 13, 201612:25 PM

the ghost of kitab just liveblogged (aka maya)

michelle September 13, 201612:27 PM

aviv makes the best sells

Aviv September 13, 201612:28 PM

was just reading Marx in my soc class but I honestly live to $ell

Aviv September 13, 201612:30 PM

We r ranking usdan n Summies fries obvi usdan waffle fries win (!!)

michelle September 13, 201612:30 PM

Sliding scales are Marxist! “From each according to his ability”

Aviv September 13, 201612:30 PM

followed closely by usdan thin lunch fries (do they have those this year?)

Aviv September 13, 201612:31 PM

we have the endorsement of DSA member michelle

Aviv September 13, 201612:32 PM

this is big news

michelle September 13, 201612:33 PM

cardcarryingsocialist trysocialism

Aviv September 13, 201612:40 PM

alix has officially hacked the mainframe !!!!!

michelle September 13, 201612:40 PM

claim ur elliptical at freeman by putting a Wesleying sticker on it*

*again maybe nah
Aviv September 13, 201612:40 PM

claim the old beta house by putting a wesleying sticker on it freebeta

Aviv September 13, 201612:41 PM

follow wesleying 4 more edgy content

Maya September 13, 201612:41 PM

while walking home I managed to give myself a paper cut on my face and I thought this was very relevant to this lunchblog obviously

kitab September 13, 201612:41 PM

we write “fun” “edgy” “content”

michelle September 13, 201612:41 PM

aviv is drinking from a bougie af water bottle that is ~conspicuously~ missing a wesleying sticker

Alix September 13, 201612:41 PM

Im in – also @maya HOW

michelle September 13, 201612:42 PM

teaching alix how to bold text lol

Alix September 13, 201612:43 PM

Ace your thesis with an art installation made entirely out of wesleying stickers

In other news, we conspicuously have mass amounts of stickers
michelle September 13, 201612:44 PM

cover the unsightly football bleachers with stickers to make them fit the foss aesthetic

kitab September 13, 201612:45 PM

medusa and i are talking abt the joys of being a sr aka not giving a shit

kitab September 13, 201612:45 PM

sr year protip break your computer and then you don’t have to take it anywhere

Alix September 13, 201612:45 PM

If a Wesleyan student’s laptop is opened in class, and it doesnt have a Wesleying sticker on it, are they really a Wesleyan student?

michelle September 13, 201612:45 PM

usdan printer broken? have you tried putting a wesleying sticker on it?

Aviv September 13, 201612:46 PM

Fact: wesleying stickers r the only ethical commodity under capitalism

Alix September 13, 201612:47 PM

Redistribution of wealth through the purchase of stickers fights against the capitalist machine

kitab September 13, 201612:47 PM

lol guys i love wesleying but this isn’t rly anti-capitalist

michelle September 13, 201612:47 PM

seize the memes of production and also buy some wesleying stickers

kitab September 13, 201612:48 PM

that being said we exist in a capitalist structure it’s legit to sustain ourselves within it

Alix September 13, 201612:49 PM

Weve been destroyed by classes, and our website will be destroyed if you dont all Buy Wesleying Stickers™

Aviv September 13, 201612:49 PM

we prob shoulda picked another day honestly can’t compete w the bible ladies

Aviv September 13, 201612:49 PM

no pink cardigans in our corner : ///

michelle September 13, 201612:50 PM

quick someone knit a cardigan right quick

kitab September 13, 201612:50 PM

PSA from Jackson, the singular of ‘graffiti’ is ‘graffito’. “Isn’t that gross?” he says

kitab September 13, 201612:51 PM

omg this frosh just said he has read “almost all of wesleying” we luv you frosh. sorry i scared you

michelle September 13, 201612:51 PM

we <3 frosh

Aviv September 13, 201612:51 PM

also I’m making a hard sell 4 blister bandaids

Aviv September 13, 201612:52 PM

so good! not as good as Wesleying stickers tho ; ))))

kitab September 13, 201612:55 PM

Aviv “we should slide into DMs”

kitab September 13, 201612:55 PM

“u up? ;) “

michelle September 13, 201612:56 PM

wear only wesleying stickers for the ABC party ;))))

kitab September 13, 201612:56 PM

you know you’re a senior when three ppl you’ve drunkenly hooked up w walk past

kitab September 13, 201612:56 PM

..actually that could have been true soph year i no longer socialize

Aviv September 13, 201612:57 PM

y’all lets ask our tinder matches 2 buy wesleying stickers

michelle September 13, 201612:58 PM

OMG yes aviv

Aviv September 13, 201612:59 PM

“send nudes w strategically placed Wesleying stickers”

Aviv September 13, 20161:04 PM

send ur we$ hookupz (ha) wesleying sticker requests

michelle September 13, 20161:16 PM

snapchat is a great way to sell stickers fyi (got 3 pledged sales in like 45 seconds!)

wilk September 14, 201612:07 PM

there are no people at usdan rn. it’s literally empty. like my internal void

wilk September 14, 201612:07 PM

wow, this liveblog escalated quickly

wilk September 14, 201612:08 PM

if you enter Usdan wearing a graphic tee, COME GIVE ME A HIGH FIVE

wilk September 14, 201612:14 PM

we are liveblogging usdan lunch come thru

wilk September 14, 201612:18 PM

can someone get me some of that really good minute maid orange guava passion fruit delicious juice

kitab September 14, 201612:24 PM

“snapchat is useless and so am i” –alix

kitab September 14, 201612:24 PM

our new friend Rachel almost charged us $2.69 and her sticker is headed into the void

wilk September 14, 201612:25 PM

“i got written up, so life is shit” – Alix

kitab September 14, 201612:25 PM

“we were being bad, but we were being quiet about it”

wilk September 14, 201612:25 PM


kitab September 14, 201612:26 PM

no one has given wilk any high fives

wilk September 14, 201612:30 PM

we dont have temporary tattoos. no contemporary tattoos

kitab September 14, 201612:32 PM

anyone who gets a wesleying stick-n-poke can have a sticker

wilk September 14, 201612:32 PM

come support independent media

kitab September 14, 201612:32 PM

bring us your wesleyan parody instagrams

kitab September 14, 201612:34 PM

everything is interdependent, but come support our continued attempt to separate ourselves from the institution that structures our existence

Aviv September 14, 201612:34 PM

r we critiquing capitali$m again today?

kitab September 14, 201612:36 PM

all day every day @aviv

wilk September 14, 201612:37 PM


Aviv September 14, 201612:38 PM

so many ppl at our table rn

wilk September 14, 201612:48 PM

im gonna go get some orange guava passionfruit juice

kitab September 14, 201612:49 PM

wesleying staff all doing a terrible job of feeding themselves apparently

wilk September 14, 201612:49 PM

*minute maid orange guava passionfruit

kitab September 14, 201612:49 PM

except me bc I am old and boring and ate oatmeal at 7:30am

Aviv September 14, 201612:54 PM

gagne ’19 is telling us the merits of flossing

Aviv September 14, 201612:54 PM

thank u gagne 4 this insight blessed

wilk September 14, 201612:55 PM

just walked through the loud side. died.

wilk September 14, 201612:55 PM

sorry, “The West Wing”

Aviv September 14, 201612:55 PM

UPDATE: gagne has a dental appt at 2:30.

Aviv September 14, 201612:56 PM

uPDATE: memelord justin campos ’19 has just entered the building

wilk September 14, 20161:03 PM

wilk September 14, 20161:05 PM


Aviv September 14, 20161:05 PM

anyway now we’re talking abt tinder horror stories

wilk September 14, 20161:06 PM

fucking christ i love that i know how to upload images now

wilk September 14, 20161:08 PM

Friend stopped by to show me his milk

kitab September 14, 20161:27 PM

feeling winded by the passage of time

kitab September 14, 20161:27 PM

the table is empty

kitab September 14, 20161:27 PM

existentialist wesleying

Alix September 14, 20161:42 PM

shoutout to joey chipman for just straight up giving us a dollar

we <3 u
Alix September 14, 20161:43 PM

also im finally livetweeting l8 bc thats who i am as a person. and im eating success tho

kitab September 14, 20162:27 PM

ok tabling is over and we have sold many stickers, so I am going to close this liveblog.

if you still want a sticker, hit us up via email (, facebook, snapchat, or instagram and we will get one to you!
come see us at the club fair on Friday from 2-5!!
  • i want stickers!

    also send them online! alums want to support!!

    • kitab

      send the Wesleying facebook a message and we can mail you one!