We’re Selling Stickers in Usdan! So That We May Perpetuate Our Existence!

stickersHey campus, how’s it going? Grinding tension of the academic experience just starting to build up? Same. Well, we have stickers to solve your problems. You might wonder, what purpose does a blog without a brand have for merch?

Well, first of all: we think these stickers are really, really cool and we like them a lot. That should be reason enough. But, unfortunately, it’s not.

We need money.

I know what you’re thinking. “Wesleying, I thought you were on our side in the struggle against the pressures of capitalism?” We are, but existing on the internet isn’t free. Our servers cost $24/month (up from $5 a month) and we have domain name expenses.

Wesleying has existed for 10 years as the only student publication at Wesleyan that has not received a single dime from the SBC. We are not a registered student group and don’t intend to become one. We think it insulates us quite uniquely from a lot of institutional pressures, so we can say whatever the fuck we want, pretty much (without being assholes).

We’ve been a platform for student voice and #snarky #commentary and breaking news and party locations and orgasm stories and Seniors talking about their theses and frosh learning about Wes. More generally, we have been a vehicle for idea transmission. People, for some reason or another, have viewed the site over 6 million times and submitted thousands of events to the site in the past 10 years.

But, our bank account is running low. #Classic #College #Student

So, we’re selling stickers. We are going to be in Usdan TODAY, September 13th and TOMORROW, September 14th from 11:40-1:20PM selling these stickers on a sliding scale from $2-5. Come say hello! It will be a great time!

We’ll also be liveblogging here, because honestly it’s the first time some of us will have braved the Usdan lunch rush in a couple years, but especially because we want to be able to give shout outs to you, our lovely readers (provided you say nice and funny things). See you soon!

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