Apply to the Stethoscope Press

doggieAmy Mattox ’17 writes in about publishing your ebay postings, among other things:

Stethoscope Press is a student run publishing unit interested in all human babies wishing to write books….

WE WANT yr poems, telenovelas, encounters with the uncanny, intergalactic graphic novellas, anti-genre headaches, collected family secrets, open wounds, ethnobotanic investigations, ebay postings, hearts on a platter….etc…

we foster project ideas into gorgeous editioned books over two semesters… writers are in long term relationships with their guardian angels (editors) as they work to resurrect art from its untimely death <|;~(

EMAIL US A 2 PARAGRAPH PROJECT PROPOSAL AND A SAMPLE OF UR WORK (5-7 pp roughly…..don’t be afraid…whatever worx) TO stethpress[at]gmail[dot]com BY THURS> SEPTEMBER 22 at MIDNIGHT!!!!

we want to promote strange texts from FRINGES….. we seek work from those often marginalized in literary spaces, including Black and Indigenous people, and people of color.. trans/nb people…women.. queer folx …people with disabilities…low income students …folx writing outside of the english language… <<and especially those living at the intersections of these!!!!!!>>

Deadline: Thursday, September 22 at midnight


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