Skull & Serpent Interrupts a Mozz Sticks Mission

img_7209Last night, on my way to my 7PM class, I saw someone carrying beers to the back of Skull & Serpent. The person tried their best to look nonchalant—coughed, scuffed their feet around, etc., but my interest was already piqued. Something was definitely going on.

On the way home from class, around 10PM, our beloved writer Jackson announced that he wanted mozzarella sticks. On our way to Usdan to retrieve Jackson’s favorite late-night junk food, we noticed something strange: the door to Skull & Serpent was wide open.

Jackson insisted he didn’t want to go inside, because there were mozz sticks waiting for him up in Usdan. But I and our friend Misha absolutely needed to know what was going on. We spent about five minutes creeping to the door and then backing away, unsure of what to do.

But why were the doors wide open? Was it a mistake, as only new members tentatively creeped inside? Was it a test to see who was brave enough to waltz in and snoop around?

While we stood outside, perplexed, one person walked in and opened the second door, revealing the entirety of Skull & Serpent. We saw a few people already milling around inside the tomb—but no one seemed especially concerned that the doors, which are usually locked shut, were wide open, allowing any nosy person (like Misha and I) to stroll inside.


All I could see was a big whiteboard saying “WELCOME!” sign, a flag that read “Don’t Tread on Me,” twinkly lights, and a couple people shrouded in darkness. It looked surprisingly cozy, like your cool friend’s lo-rise living room.

When I finally got the nerve to ask someone what was going on, the person simply said, “We got a weird e-mail,” then slowly shut the door. From that, I can only assume that Skull and Serpent is recruiting new members. What it takes to become a member of this secret society is still (and probably will always be) a mystery. At least Jackson got his mozz sticks.

More photos from the encounter:







Image editing done by wilk.

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