Here’s Who Got a Thesis Carrel (And Who Is on the Waitlist)

Moment of silence to all of those who will have to use the Exley basement shower as their thesis carrel.


The entrance label of the thesis carrel of DP’16.

Hi seniors. As if we didn’t make this clear with our record number of THESICRAZY interviews last year, we care immensely about chronicling the most wretched and rewarding part of your Senior year.

Carrel applications were due a week and a half ago. And now people know their fates.For those who don’t know much about the process, here’s a tidbit from the library website:

In Olin there are 86 single closed carrels and 6 doubles; so 98 students can be accommodated in closed carrels in Olin.

Since 170 or more senior Honors candidates are eligible for a carrel, and most apply for one, to be as fair as possible, Olin carrels are assigned by lottery each fall. Eligible seniors who are not assigned a carrel are put on a waiting list. If a carrel becomes free during the academic year, the next student on the waiting list is offered the carrel.

Olin library, which houses 98 of the 118 thesis carrels on campus, posted carrel assignments yesterday. SciLi will post carrel assignments this Friday. SciLi is kind and will notify carrel recipients of their status by email or phone. Olin does not do that.

So, I took pics of the Olin carrel assignment list on my rose gold iPhone. Here they are:

The deadline for picking up carrel keys is this Friday, September 30th. They can be picked up in the library office on the 3rd floor of Olin. If they’re not picked up by the deadline, then carrels will be reassigned to the next person on the waitlist.

Can’t wait for THESISCRAZY. Also: maybe be on the lookout for a thesis carrel sex survey that we tried to make happen last year, but never got around to it. Maybe it’ll happen this year.

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