Second Stage Presents: Weekend of Workshops ROUND 2!!!


Second Stage Workshop Queen Maya Herbsman ’17 writes in:

Welcome to Weekend of Workshops Round 2!! This time around we are teaching a WHOLE BUNCH OF EXCITING NEW THINGS!!!!

This weekend we have workshops for DIRECTORS, ACTORS, PLAYWRIGHTS, STAGE MANAGERS, DESIGNERS (Costume, Set, Lights, Sound, EVERYTHING!), DRAMATURGS AND MORE! As always, all workshops will take place in the ’92 Theater and will last around an hour unless otherwise specified. We’re doing some amazing stuff this weekend, come check us out and email Maya Herbsman (mherbsman[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) with any questions!

Click through the jump for the schedule and descriptions of each workshop:

4:30PM – INTIMACY IN THEATER: Actors, directors, choreographers, come learn/talk about staging intimacy in a safe/comfortable/consent-filled way! We will be discussing this emerging field as well as providing some suggestions of exercises that can help create super safe rehearsal environments. HIGHLY recommended for all performers and creators, espECially if you are interested in working with anything intimate!! Interested but wanna know more? Contact Maya Herbsman, May Treuhaft-Ali ’17, Jess Cummings ’17, or Aaron Josephs ’18.
5:30 PM –TECH WEEK 101: ANYONE DIRECTING OR STAGE MANAGING OR LIGHT DESIGNING A SHOW THIS SEMESTER (or plans to in the future) is beyond encouraged to come to this workshop where we will teach you how to tech week! Come learn some tips and tricks! IF IT’S YOUR FIRST TIME DIRECTING OR STAGE MANAGING A SHOW WITH SECOND STAGE, ABSOLUTELY COME TO THIS!

2:30PM – QLAB: Learn the ins and the outs of sound design for theater with QLab. QLab is an amazing professional sound design software that you can use anywhere for anything- see what it’s all about with Anthony Dean ’17!
4PM – VECTORWORKS: Planning out lights, sets, and drafting can be hard :(, but all of that can change with the magic of Vectorworks. Learn how to use this magical software to make drafting and to virtually realize your lighting and set designs with Anthony Dean and Nola Werlinich ’17.

12PM – COSTUMES: Come learn all you need to know about how to costume a show at Wesleyan with costume goddesses Hope Fourie ’19 and Sofie Somoroff ’18. This will include a tour of the ’92 costume shop, a short tutorial on how to use our machines, and the basics about checking out costumes from the Theater Department.
2-4PM (in Zelnick Pavilion) – DRAMATURGY: Unlike the other workshops, this workshop will be led by a REAL LIFE PROFESSIONAL PLAYWRIGHT! AWESOME OPPORTUNITY. This workshop will explore three definitions of Dramaturgy, a live analogy of Dramaturgy in action, and a demonstrative session of feedback on new work with a student volunteer. We will wrap up with an open Q&A about professional new play development, process and technique for play-writing and rehearsal, and careers in the theater with playwright Nick Gandiello. For more information, follow this link to the FaceBook event.
4:30PM – STAGE MANAGEMENT: Come learn all there is to know about stage management here at Wesleyan with our stage management PROS. Stage managing is a super fun, rewarding way to be involved in theater at Wes and beyond, even if you’ve never thought about trying it before, come check it out!

Date: Friday to Sunday, September 30 – October 2
Time: Please see the above description.
Place: The ’92 Theater

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