Zero Waste Challenge

zerowasteAviv Rau ’19 writes in to facilitate eco:

Wanna go from ~zero~ to ~hero~? Well then the Zero Waste Challenge is definitely for you! The Zero Waste Challenge is easy – you collect everything you don’t recycle or compost in a clear, ziploc bag (provided by your loving Eco-FaCHILLitators xoxoxoxo), and you pin it to your backpack for the week. The challenge is an awesome way to become aware of the waste you generate–or don’t. It’s a fun way to learn about sustainability and the benefits of conscious behavior.

Starting the challenge is super easy too! Just find your local Eco-FaCHILLitator tabling at Usdan on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6th at lunch, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7th at lunch, or SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8th at brunch! If you miss us then, shoot us an email or come find us in your freshman dorm for a bag so you can start! Then, just pin the bag to your backpack so your friends can see how ~cool~ and ~sustainable~ you are! Any waste you don’t recycle, compost, or otherwise purposefully divert from the trash goes in the bag. No biohazards in the bag.

The bag should be attached to the outside of your backpack at all times, until the Challenge ends on Oct. 16th.

At the end of the challenge, we’ll be having a TRASH BASH (think ~trash clothing~, Yer Trash, etc) for all the participants! ; ) Keep an eye out for info on that!!!!

PLUS, the freshman dorm with the most participants will be treated to CIDER AND DONUTS, on us!!!!!

with luv n sustainability,
ur Eco-FaCHILLitators ?

Date: Monday, October 10 through Friday, October 15
Time: All day
Place: Your backpack

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