The ITS Help Desk Playlist: SONGZ 2 BUMP

Want some sick jamz? We got ’em, courtesy of the help desk DJs.


JohnCarlos Lunardini ’17 and Jonah Toussaint ’17 at the ITS help desk, pumpin’ jamz

You ever have to print something by that awkwardly-placed Exley printer next to the ATM that had dozens of checks with Michael Roth’s salary on them a couple days ago? While waiting for said printer to work, do you ever wish you could just be kilt by the beat?


Some folks at the Student ITS Help Desk have answered our call to be saved from the mundane, and are gracing the Exley lobby with the chillest tunes from 2016 (and other years too, probably). For those of you who don’t know, the ITS Help Desk is located right next to the printer that I was talking about, and gets students to help other students with their Tech. You can learn more about them and find their hours on their website.

Anyway, when I walked in, it wasn’t to get my rose gold iPhone connected to AirWes. I walked in and asked Jonah Toussaint ’17 for the ITS Help Desk playlist, mainly so that I could manipulate my personal Spotify Discover Weekly algorithm by adding better music to my account. But also to post here. So, here are the SONGZ 2 BUMP:

Isaiah Rashad — Park

Travis Scott — Lose

Cousin Stizz — You Won’t Understand

Frank Ocean — Slide On Me

This track is on Endless, which, for now is only available on Apple Music. If y’all can find an embed link, lmk!

ScHoolboy Q — JoHn Muir

A. CHAL — Round Whippin’

Isaiah Rashad — Dressed Like Rappers

Travis Scott — Guidance

Solange — F.U.B.U.

Future — Check On Me


Please help us find that Frank Ocean track. Please also help us find Frank Ocean. I would love to interview him.

Anyway, walk through Exley at random hours of the day, and you might encounter some of these trax. This playlist is certainly going to get me through midterms. I don’t know of a proper way to finish this article. So, I’ll just say that you should definitely hit me up with your playlists, because I like playlists. If you’ve got one, send it over to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org.

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