Omar Fraire – “Quotation_Synergies”

What exactly is this? What does this quotation mean? An intriguing submission from the CFA:

“To crack a nut is truly no feat, so no one would ever dare to collect an audience in order to entertain it with nut-cracking. But if all the same one does do that and succeeds in entertaining the public, then it cannot be a matter of simple nut-cracking. Or it is a matter of nut-cracking, but it turns out that we have overlooked the art of cracking nuts because we were too skilled in it and that this newcomer to it first shows us its real nature, even finding it useful in making his effects to be rather less expert in nut-cracking than most of us.”

Date: Tuesday, October 18
Time: 9-10:30 PM
Place: World Music Hall
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