Davison Sends Out Public Health Announcement Regarding E. Coli Cases


Earlier this evening, Thomas McLarney, the medical director at the Davison Health Center sent out a public health announcement regarding a confirmed case of E. coli infection and one case pending verification.

The particular strain of E. coli that was detected has potential affects on the kidneys and circulatory system in those who contract it. McLarney asked anyone working in food service who might have symptoms to stop working until a full evaluation is performed by the health center. Any questions can be answered by calling (860) 685-2470. Read after the jump for the full text of the email.

Dear Campus Community:

We have just received confirmation that a student has been diagnosed with a certain strain of E. coli bacteria in their stool.  This strain of bacteria is known to affect both the kidneys and the circulatory system in some people who contract it.  Confirmation is pending, but another student is likely to have the same bacteria.

We have contacted the Connecticut Department of Public Health to assist us in our investigation.

We ask any student who currently has diarrhea (especially bloody diarrhea) to contact Davison Health Center to come in and be evaluated.  If you work in food service, health care or day care and have diarrhea, you are not to work until you have been evaluated and cleared by the providers at Davison Health Clinic.

Please do not self-treat with any antibiotics as this type of infection does not improve (and may worsen) with antibiotics.

We stress proper hand washing with soap and water or hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds after using the bathroom.

Faculty and staff with symptoms should contact their primary care physician and notify the Health Center.

Please call if you have any questions at 860-685-2470.

Thomas McLarney, MD
Medical Director
Davison Health Center

Please please do not hesitate to visit the health center if you think you might have these symptoms.

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