48 Hour Phone Film Festival

14589679_1239481172780896_3220730435488791782_oFrom Emily Feher ’17:

Cardinal Pictures is hosting our third 48 Hour Phone Film Festival starting Friday, November 4th! Shoot, edit, and submit your films any time between 4:30pm on Friday, November 4th and 4:30pm on Sunday, November 6th!

We will be in downstairs USDAN on Wednesday, November 2nd and Thursday, November 3rd from 11am to 1pm. You must sign up (either in person at Usdan or using the form below) by Friday, November 4th at 1pm:


(Clicking attending for this Facebook event doesn’t mean you have signed up.)

You CAN NOT begin your films before Friday at 4:30pm. (However, brainstorming is welcome!)

To make sure you have filmed within the time constraints, we will be emailing out a specific theme you must include in your film to be considered for the festival on that Friday.

Winners will receive Wesfame©. Screening will be on Sunday, November 6th, time and location TBA. There will be yummy food and great company!

Read more about the rules at the Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/359233071134645/

Date: Wednesday, November 2-Thursday, November 3
Time: 11 AM-1 PM
Place: Usdan

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