PHOTOS: More Graffiti On Foss


Over the weekend, graffiti reading “FIRE ROTH & FARIAS” appeared on Foss and was promptly whited-out. The makeover of Foss wasn’t to last long, however. After a mere 4 days of us only having that large white block to look at, there more messaging directed toward President Roth appeared as of this morning. Click past the jump for the photos:

 Above the whited-out portion from Family Weekend, you can see President Roth’s purported total compensation, “$926,183.” Below that, in the whited-out portion of the increasingly large patch of graffiti, there is a fresh painting of “FIRE ROTH.”

The largest portion of the new graffiti that I noticed this morning was a seemingly ironic reference to the letter that President Roth, VP for Equity and Inclusion Antonio Farias, and Provost Joyce Jacobsen all cosigned last Fall in response to the campus discourse responding to the Argus’s publishing of that one op-ed that got us on the O’Reilly Factor. This letter was entitled “Black Lives Matter and So Does Free Speech.” This title appears in quotes next to the portion of graffiti that was whited-out over the weekend. Here are photos of the graffiti:

[Update 11/2/16, 10:30AM: New graffiti covered up with more-appropriate “green” color]


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