THE SLOTH: in the middle

slothLizzie Shackney ’17, Laura McIntyre ’17, Isabel Alter ’17, and Livia Ryan ’17 all write in together:

THE SLOTH is back and looking for pitches from storytellers!
What is the Sloth? The Sloth is a storytelling collective that puts on 1-2 story slams each semester (v similar to another story slam with maybe a similar name)! At these story slams, each storyteller gets 5 minutes to tell a story related to a chosen theme. It’s non-competitive and always fun.

The chosen theme? IN THE MIDDLE. Middle school/middle child/that scene in Arrested Development when George Michael has to sit on Maeby’s lap in the car/MIDDLETOWN?/middle finger/Mid(dle) life crisis…however this theme speaks to you, we’re sure you have a story to tell.

How to write a pitch? Send us 2-3 sentences that describe what your story is about. Pretty easy. You can do it if you just try.
By Monday, November 7: Send your pitch to wesloth[at]gmail[dot]com
Wednesday, November 9: Storytellers will be announced
Friday, November 11: Storytellers will perform (and all of you will come to see!)

Send ‘em in!

Deadline: Submit by tomorrow!
Date: Friday, November 11
Time: 8PM
Place: Earth House


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