Net Neutrality Panel

net-neutralityFrom Civic Engagement Fellow, Rebecca Jacobson:

The Allbritton Center is hosting a panel about Net Neutrality, featuring FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel ’93 as one of the three guest panelists.

Net neutrality is a central issue of freedom of speech and access on the Internet. If you’ve ever streamed movies, TV, or sports games on your computer, then net neutrality is something important to you!

In February 2015, the FCC voted to uphold Net Neutrality and forbade Internet providers from charging some users to access “fast lanes” while forcing others into “slow lanes.” This was the single-most important issue surrounding the Internet, and the most important decision made by the FCC about the Internet, of the past decade.

In addition to Jessica Rosenworcel, this panel will feature guests Brad Burnham (Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures) and Christiaan Hogendorn (Associate Professor of Economics Technology) with Professor Norm Danner as moderator.

Date: Thursday, November 10
Time: 7 PM
Place: PAC 001

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