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Film Series: Malcolm X

1992. USA. Dir: Spike Lee. With Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett. 202 min.

The epic adaptation of the activist’s autobiography spans decades, from his birth in Klan-terrorized Omaha to his adopted home of Harlem. Lee masterfully ushers viewers into the most turbulent times of the American twentieth century, celebrating a great leader’s legacy while placing his imperfect humanity in the forefront. Co-programmed with Invisible Men.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

WWIB Student Forum!

wwib_nov10_adFrom WWIB:

Are you interested in Marketing? Investment Banking? Technology? Want to get involved in the industry but don’t know how? Come to WWIB’s Student Forum and learn from 4 women who know how! They’ll tell you about their respective industries, how they got involved, and how you can get an internship too. FREE FOOD WILL BE SERVED!!

Date: Thursday, November 10
Time: 5:30-7 PM
Place: Boger 115

the world is horrible and wesleyan will scream

the primal scream now has an election day-after sibling.


well. election day was yesterday. the tangerine mussolini will apparently be our president, and america will have a kkk-endorsed white nationalist and sexual assault perpetrator (among so many other horrible things) in the white house. i, for one, am disheartened by this news but not at all surprised.

while some primal screams may have already been organized, there’s definitely one happening tonight on foss, in the heart of campus.

the facebook event says that it lasts from 11PM tonight to 11PM tomorrow, so i’m assuming you can go to foss and scream whenever you want, but i think tonight will be the biggest opportunity for solidarity.

just remember that it doesn’t stop here. be there for your fellow students who are hurting. for everyone who’s queer, trans, a person of color, muslim, a sexual assault survivor, an immigrant, the children of immigrants, a person with a disability.

fight like hell.

Date: Wednesday, November 9
Time: 11PM
Place: Foss Hill