Wesleyan Student Visual Art Showcase and Concert

ueootsgCome support Wesleyan’s Visual Artists:

From November 10 – November 23, original prints, drawings and oil paintings by Wesleyan visual artists will be on display at The Buttonwood Tree, Main St’s non-profit performing arts and cultural center.

To kick off the gallery show, The Buttonwood Tree will also sponsor an evening of performances by Wesleyan musicians on Thursday November 10 at 8:30 pm.

Date: Thursday, November 10 to Wednesday, November 23
Time: 8:30-10:30PM
Place: The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts and Cultural Center

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The Good Lonely (https://www.facebook.com/the-good-lonely-926318097457359/?fref=ts)
Miki Yang
Tong Kong
Yun Liu


Ray Miao
Maria Ma
Sonya Torres
Yu Kai Tan

What is The Buttonwood Tree (TBT)?

A non-profit performing arts and cultural center, located right on Main St (across from Krust and It’s Only Natural)!

Why isn’t this in the Nics lounge or the CFA?

This is a great opportunity for Wesleyan students to get off campus, share their artistic talents with local residents, and enjoy the many resources offered by Middletown and Main St.

Also notable:
Beer and wine available with suggestion $5 donation to The Buttonwood Tree (21+)

Stay a while, grab a glass and enjoy the show!

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