aporiawesleyingphotoFrom Sara Eismont ’18:

In ancient Greece, the wise-talking Protaginus travels to Athens to trick wealthy patrons out of their money, only to fall for the wrong girl and become embroiled in an epic (rap)battle of rhetoric in the process. This wry, musical throwback explores competing theories of philosophy that we still debate in 2016, indulging in a kickline or two along the way.

Sunday, November 20 in the Alpha Delta Phi Greene Room
Show One: 2-4pm
Show Two: 5-7pm

Written by: Zachariah Ezer ’17 and Eli Maskin ’17
Directed by: Miranda Hoyt-Disick ’19
Stage Managed by: Sara Eismont ’18 and Andrew Logan ’18

Our talented cast has been working incredibly hard all semester to bring this original musical to life. We can’t wait to see you there!

Here is the Facebook event!

Date: Sunday, November 20
Time: 2-4PM and 5-7PM
Place: Alpha Delta Phi (185 High St)

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