Kai Labs: a for-credit class for designers, engineers and entrepreneurs!

kailabsMika Reyes ’17 writes in:

Kai Labs is a full-credit student forum for Spring 2017 open to all years of all backgrounds that focuses on the whole creation process of a tech product from start to finish for real clients, mimicking situations in the real world. The forum will result in a project that students can add to their professional portfolio in addition to getting references from the department or organization whose lives will be made easier by the product.

The forum will also bring in industry leaders from the technology world, both alumni and non-alumni, to share their expertise to the forum participants. The work in the Kai Labs student forum will require teamwork and collaboration among students, clients, and the course instructors. After this class, students should have a good feel for what it takes to work in the professional product development world.

Apply to the forum today! http://bit.ly/2feiDQb Applications due Wednesday, 11/23, 11:59PM

Deadline: TOMORROW, Wednesday, November 23 at 11:59PM

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