#JewishResistance: Action and Critical Dailogue

jewishresistancA really cool thing happening tomorrow:

We draw the line.

We draw the line against the appointment of Steve Bannon, Islamophobia, complacency of the American Jewish establishment in systems of oppression, anti-Semitism, the Occupation of the Palestinian territories, racism, xenophobia, transphobia, misogyny, homophobia, sexual assault, discrimination against people with disabilities, anti-native violence, police brutality…

We draw the line.

This Wednesday, Wesleyan Jewish students and the greater Wesleyan community join with over 20 communities of across the country in drawing the line as part of IfNotNow’s national day of action.* Come to Boger 114 at 12:15 to reflect before we take a stand. As a group, we will walk from Boger Hall across college row at 12:45, physically drawing the line against the appointment of Steve Bannon and the normalization of hate and violence. We have seen this before, and we will not allow our leaders to be complacent.

From IfNotNow*: “For too long, our Jewish institutions have spent the majority of their political capital on ensuring that the American government supports Israel unilaterally. Now, that stance threatens to make them complicit with newly-emboldened white nationalists that swept Trump to power on the back of anti-Semitic tropes.
Bannon, Trump and their ilk are relying on our silence as they quietly normalize the sort of hate that characterized the Trump Campaign.

The Jewish community must lead by forcefully and publicly condemning Bannon and white nationalism in the White House. History is turning on this moment.

So on Wednesday, we will once again lead our community from the streets during a Day of Jewish Resistance — demanding the Jewish community draw the line at Bannon.”

We demand accountability of Jewish communal leaders and American politicians. We invite all members of the Wesleyan community to draw the line this Wednesday.

*For more about IfNotNow, click this link to visit their website.

Date: Wednesday, November 30
Time: 12:15-1:10PM
Place: Boger Hall 114

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