Skull & Serpent Does the Mannequin Challenge


If you’ve been on our site since 2AM last night, you’ll notice that a certain someone from Wesleyan’s oldest secret society, Skull & Serpent, has posted 20 links to their recently published video of their members doing the Mannequin Challenge in our Shoutbox.

The video begins with a masked member of the society vomming in the Tomb’s toilet, with another member holding back their skull. Toward the middle of the oscar-worthy performance, we see a cloaked member of the society giving birth to a baby doll. Finally, the ordeal ends with several members raising shots. So cool! Watch the vid:

You’ll recall that the Wesleying Investigative Reporting Team did a deep dive on the society earlier this semester. You’ll also maybe recall Skull & Serpent’s Harlem Shake video from 2013.

On a completely separate note, would anyone be down to start a Chthulu-themed secret society?

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