Wesleyan Welcomes Class of 2021: ED1 edition


It’s that time of year again. And no, I’m not talking about the holidays, I’m talking about Early Decision Season! Children across the country (but let’s be honest, mostly on the coasts with a tiny bit of Chicago sprinkled in) chose to give their souls and their next four years to Wesleyan, and we’ve happily taken (some of) them in. I remember last December all too well and it’s not a time I want to revisit. That’s just me though. Anyway, @prefrosh, congratulations on your acceptance to Wesleyan University’s Class of 2021! Thanks to you guys, I’m only a freshman and even I feel old!

If you’re a prefrosh reading this right now, my advice to you is get ready for a wild ride.  You’re gonna get a lot of people asking you, “Didn’t Hillabae go there?” to which you will say “nope”. I won’t lie, 60% of the reason I even applied here to begin with was because Marshall, Ted, and Lily were Wes grads. I’ll save you the trouble and tell you that that’s not the same reason most of my, and probably also your, classmates had for applying.

After procrastinating studying for finals reading through College Confidential today, I gotta say I didn’t find anything too dramatic. Yes, the registration process for classes is a pain in the butt, but it’s a pain in the butt no matter where you end up. Yes, the housing process can be a #strug (so I’ve heard), but worst comes to worst you end up in the Butts, which let’s be honest, isn’t as far as everyone gripes about it being. But these aren’t reasons not to come here. If anything, you’ll bond with your friends (yay new friends!) over how ridiculous the process is and then move the fuck on bc they’re serving crepes in Usdan and you gotta get yourself some of that.

Get ready to scour through WesAdmits 2021 (!!) for the next 10 months while you await move in day, and don’t forget to make the hell out of your senior year.

Things your future frands are saying:



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