The Notebook 2 is Reportedly Filming in Middletown


This is not a drill people. It has been reported that filming of the sequel to The Notebook will begin in Middletown this coming spring. What. The. Frick. According……..

Wait. As I was typing this, I started checking to see if this was legit. The original source for this post was an article posted by a site called WM21 News. The article is titled “The Notebook 2 Filming in Middletown, Connecticut, Plot Details Released.” In the post, the writer says that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are reprising their roles in the film, and that the majority of filming would take place in Middletown. It also says that calls for extras would be coming very soon. Two IHeartRadio stations also picked up the story.

Upon further investigation, I realized that, alas, this was a symptom of the worldwide pandemic of fake news. According to WM21’s “about” page: is an entertainment website composed mostly of articles containing fantasy news or satire. Though some articles on contain actual events, none of the articles on should be considered true and are simply meant for entertainment purposes.

Crap. I really don’t know where our world is headed, but I can promise that Wesleying will never ever become a haven for fake news.

P.S. My friend texted me the link to the post and I did actually believe this when I first started writing this post. I am not a troll.

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