2007: A Very Wesleying Year in Review (feat. Zach Schonfeld)

2016? What’s 2016? What is Aleppo? What’d I miss?

Whatever, it’s done. Gone. Finished. As we wrap up this miserable dumpster fire of a year and head into 2016 Part 2 2017, let’s take a look back at the best and worst that happened these past twelve months.

Or not, because that would be terrible. And besides which, plenty of other, more qualified hubs of journalistic integrity are doing the exact same thing. For now, let’s instead reflect on a much simpler time. Like…2007. Because that’s a totally unique idea.

(Yes, we will eventually be getting to our real 2016 year-in-review.)

To refresh us all on what was going on in 2007, I emailed our former editor and fearless leader Zach Schonfeld ’13. Our time-warping exchange went like this:

claire: So, Zach, it’s the end of 2007. The housing bubble has collapsed, Apple put the iPhone on the market, and J.K. Rowling released the last Harry Potter book. What did you think of this year?

Zach: Claire! Hello. It’s been a wild year! I became a peer leader. I started thinking about what colleges I want to apply to (I can’t decide if I want to go to Oberlin or NYU). I read that last Harry Potter book while working as a counselor-in-training at summer camp, and what’s with all the camping?

2007 was also the year I started blogging about music, the year Radiohead dropped the first ever surprise album (I got the deluxe edition for Chanukah!), and the year I read a book called Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama. Apparently he’s running for president haha but someone on the Flaming Lips message board told me that he can’t win. Have you seen No Country for Old Men yet? It’s crazy. So is this recession, right?

claire: Whoof, yeah. Our country’s really taking a nosedive now. I haven’t seen No Country for Old Men yet, but I there’s this new Ryan Seacrest show – Keeping Up with the Kardashians? It’s wild. Like watching a vapid, tracksuited, spray-tanned trainwreck in slow motion. It’ll probably get canceled soon so I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

Speaking of music, I’m only just now starting to listen to more bands, beyond what I hear at middle school dances and my mom’s favorite country radio station. Some of my friends dressed up as the band members from My Chemical Romance. Not for Halloween, they just do that sometimes because they’re “really into the scene.” Personally, I’m more into Paramore, but Radiohead sounds cool. Also, there’s this weird song by this lady named M.I.A. that they keep playing on the radio? It’s got gunshots in it so I can’t listen to it when my parents are around, but I like it.

Will you be able to vote in the next election? I know a lot of people are really stressed out about it – they don’t want another president who’s going to get a shoe thrown at him.

Zach: Hey! Wait, which president got a shoe thrown at him? I wonder if that’s not a crazy thing that might happen approximately a year from now in December of 2008, who knows.

Anyway, yes, the country really is taking a nosedive, but thankfully high school is too much of a nightmare for me to really take notice (I’m a peer leader! It sucks!). What is a mortgage lol. I’m turning 18 the month before the 2008 election, so I’ll be able to vote! I’m really excited to be able to vote for Obama but I’m worried he can’t ever win. My grandpa doesn’t seem to like him very much.

Lately I’ve been listening to the new Radiohead album In Rainbows, which is amazing and you can choose how much you pay for it (my brother and I filmed a YouTube video of our dog barking to the first song), and I’ve also been getting into a lot of other cool indie bands lately like Menomena and Deerhoof and Panda Bear (maybe not a band? idk). I think I kept hearing that M.I.A. song over the summer, as well as a stupidly catchy song by this band called MGMT. Apparently it’s pronounced “MANAGEMENT“? Do you think YouTube will still be around in 2008?

claire: Hmm, not sure. I’ve heard people say the Internet will take over television, but that seems far-fetched.

Anyways, happy winter break, everyone. And if you’re having a not-so-happy break, 1. I feel you and 2. here’s some more 2007 memorabilia to bring you cheer:

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