Anti-Choice Legislation Protest at Russell Library Today

13111_lgAnna Cohen ’17 posted in WesAdmits about a demonstration occurring at Russell Library today:

For those concerned about the recent wave of anti-choice legislation across the country:

Connecticut State Senator Len Suzio is hosting a town hall meeting **TONIGHT** @ 6 p.m. at Middletown’s Russell Library.

  • Senator Suzio has just introduced a raft of right wing and anti-choice legislation, including a parental notification bill that would require minors in abusive family situations to appear in court in order to have an abortion.
  • Another bill would mandate trans-vaginal ultrasounds for women seeking an abortion, a type of pelvic ultrasound used to examine women’s internal organs.

If you are interested in protesting these policies, please meet up at 48 home @ 4:30. We will have signs + markers + anything you need :)) We will then be walking over together.

Time: 4:30PM
Place: Meet at 48 Home; Walk over to Russell Library (123 Broad St.)

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