Designing Mapping Technologies for Social Justice: Student Forum

mapssssssssssTake a student forum with Sam Raby ’17:

@activists @advocates @community organizers @ppl who want to combat shitty things: this forum is going to give you digital tools to share information visually and create change, assuming no prior quantitative experience

@techies @techbros @nerds @CSmajors @people who spend all their time in the QAC: this forum is your opportunity to engage critically and deliberately with the social implications of your work, while gaining new insight on how to apply your skills for good things

Amidst all the shit thats going on in the world, this forum will teach you how to repurpose, utilize, and criticize technologies as tools for social justice. You’re gonna make a dope mapping tool/online application using GIS based on a cause that you care about, while learning ways to critique the very technology that you’re learning. Through a combination of discussion and applied practice, we will collaboratively find new ways to think about and use technology that combats the harmful forms technology can take.

Tuesday, Jan 31st in BOOGER HALL 113 at 8pm
Forum Leader: Sam Raby (sraby@wes)
GIS Assistant/Chancellor of Maps: Mira Klein (mklein@wes)

More info on Facebook.

Date: Tuesday, January 31
Time: 8PM
Place: Booger Hall 113 (Bougie Hall? Bogie Hall? Er—what is this building’s name again?)

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