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Ensemble Adilei Concert

adelaiSomeone sent us some info about a concert happening in the Chapel:

Ensemble Adilei performs traditional Georgian polyphonic songs and chants. Most of the members were introduced to folk singing in their families or children’s music groups ear on in life. After informally singing together for several years, they officially formed the ensemble and started conducting regular rehearsals in 2012.
Adilei’s main passion lies in the songs from the province of Guria in Western Georgia, which is the most musically developed region in the country, though other regions are also represented in their repertoire. Gurian music has often been compared to jazz, because improvisation is its main component, and all the voice parts move independently of each other, creating contrapuntal polyphony. Gurian song is also characterized by krimanchuli, a yodeling technique often present in the upper voice.

For the members of Adilei singing is the primary mode of communication with the world: it is more of a lifestyle than a performance practice—it is not just relegated to official concerts. They sing every time they gather, wherever that may be.

Date: Thursday, February 2
Time: 7-9PM
Place: Memorial Chapel

How Jewish Are You? And Other Hard Questions

hjruJulia DeVarti ’17 writes in:

Have you been looking for a new kind of Jewish experience or Jewish community at Wes? This semester, we are forming a committed group of people learning about Judaism and social justice and Jewish peoplehood together. We will meet once a week and explore big questions and hang out in an informal/alternative educational space!! Anyone/everyone is welcome.

Check out the Facebook event here.

Date: Tuesday, January 31
Time: 7-8:30PM
Place: Exley 139

Exhibition: Clarissa Tossin, “Stereoscopic Vision”

Clarissa Tossin, When two places look alike, 2012–2013, photograph series, 40 x 27 inches

Clarissa Tossin, When two places look alike, 2012–2013, photograph series, 40 x 27 inches

From the CFA:

We see in stereo: each eye registers something different, and the information contained in each is then stitched together in our brains, resulting in a three-dimensional visualization—something more complex, and greater in meaning, than when read as two separate images.

“Stereoscopic Vision,” the Brazilian-born, Los Angeles-based artist Clarissa Tossin‘s first solo exhibition in the Northeast, features key objects in photography, sculpture, and video from several bodies of work to highlight the dualities between natural and manufactured; two and three-dimensions; co-dependent economies; intention and actuality; and the United States and Brazil.

Support for this exhibition provided by Wesleyan University’s College of the Environment and the Department of Art and Art History.

The opening reception for this exhibition is on Tuesday, January 31 at 4:30 PM in the Zilkha Gallery.

Exhibition Dates: Tuesday, January 31 through Sunday, March 5
Times Open: Tuesday-Sunday, 12-5 PM
Place: Zilkha Gallery
cfa link

Film Series: The Lady Eve

1941. USA. Dir: Preston Sturges. With Barbara Stanwyck. 94 min. 35mm print

In this “charming gem of nonsense,” a female cardsharp’s plan to swindle an eccentric heir is foiled when she falls for him. Once he uncovers her previous plot, she is forced to regain his affection; the ensuing pursuit uproariously show- cases Sturges’ ability to balance sophisticated wordplay and outright slapstick.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Film Series: Moana (in 3D!)

2016. USA. Dir: Ron Clements et al. With Auli’i Cravalho. Animated. 107 min.

Disney’s island-hopping adventure is a serene breath of fresh sea air, ditching much of the studio’s tired princess cliche?s in favor of a bold new vision. The Pacific Island songcraft of Opetaia Foa’i meets the showtune sparkle of that Miranda guy, scoring Moana’s quest across an unparalleled animated oceanscape.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

Audition for Aporia!

The Gospel Truth

Miranda Hoyt-Disick ’19 writes in:

We’re back!
If you liked the staged-reading, you’ll love our fully-fledged production of this original student-written musical advised by none other than Lin Manuel Miranda 02’s writing partner, Professor Quiara Hudes.

Synopsis: In ancient Greece, The wise-talking Protaginus travels to Athens to trick wealthy patrons out of their money, only to fall for the wrong girl and become embroiled in an epic (rap) battle of rhetoric in the process. This wry, musical throwback explores competing theories of philosophy that we still debate in 2016, indulging in a kickline or two along the way.

What you should bring: 16 bars of your favorite song and a monologue (or joke, or just really funny story) to help us get to know you.

Callbacks will be Sunday, January 28th, same time, same place.

Written by: Zach Ezer ’17 and Eli Maskin ’17
Directed by: Miranda Hoyt-Disick
contact Miranda Hoyt-Disick at mhoytdisick[at]wesleyan[dot]edu with any questions.

Date: Friday and Saturday, January 27-28
Time: 4:30-6:30pm
Place: Alpha Delt (we’ll let you in–picking locks is not part of your audition. But if you can do that let us know cause that’s cool and useful)

Concert: Jess Best ’14

jess_best_eventFrom the CFA:

Singer-songwriter Jess Best ’14, now based in Manhattan, returns to Wesleyan to perform her original soul and jazz compositions influenced by Erykah Badu, Joni Mitchell, and Esperanza Spalding. She will be accompanied by Connor Schultze on bass and Paul Bloom on piano.

Date: Sunday, January 29
Time: 3-4:30 PM
Place: Russell House

cfa link

You can listen to Jess Best’s latest album, Kid Again, here.

Film Series: American Honey

2016. USA. Dir: Andrea Arnold. With Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf. 163 min.

A feral teenager joins a band of other outcasts, traveling across the country in a white van and conning people into buying magazine subscriptions. Arnold’s sprawling coming-of-age tale captures the vastness of the American West and the boxed-in lives of the young women who inhabit it.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Concert: Hidden Volumes

olin-library-stock-photoFrom the CFA:

Associate Professor of Music Paula Matthusen and Visiting Scholar in Music Terri Hron explore and remember space through magnetic, transferred traces. Looping backwards and forwards, distorting time, they improvise on a series of recordings originally made in a dark Roman aqueduct.

Date: Friday, January 27
Time: 9-10 PM
Place: Olin Library (??????????)
cfa link