Apply to Be an IMS Technician!

imsNate Gardner ’17 writes in:

Want a job that pays $10.10 an hour, starts with a full semester of paid training, will teach you all kinds of pressing tech and people skills, AND lets you play with walkie-talkies?

Apply to be an IMS Technician! The position entails ensuring that all classrooms on campus have the most up-to-date, functioning tech, and being able to troubleshoot that tech on the fly. Technicians also set up for and record quite a number of events on campus, from lectures to dance shows. The job typically offers 8-10 hours, starts at $10.10 an hour with opportunities for advancement, and does not require you to be workstudy.

Applications are due Thursday, 2/9! Feel free to email at nwgardner[at]wesleyan[dot]edu if you have queries.

Deadline: Thursday, February 9 by 11:59PM

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