Winter Update from the Lovely Woodframe CA’s

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 3.20.59 PMLast finals week, I posted this interview with Toys Koomplee ’17, whose emails never fail to make me smile. Maya and I turned to each other simultaneously during today’s Wesleying meeting to show each other the email, and it was so cute that we wanted to share it with all of you.Hi guys!!

Here comes the snow again… U_____U (I know, right?). But FEAR NOT!! :) :) It will pass and the sun will come out again!  (\(^__^)/) !!

But until then, it is good to get ourselves prepared to survive this fluffy stuff. I’ve looked through some websites and found some interesting tips. So I’d like to share some with you guys! :) 

Tips for snowy day(s): ???
1. Stay warm. Layer up! Don’t let the frostbite bite!! ?
>> No explanation for this. Just make sure that you dress warm enough before you leave your place. It makes all the walking much more pleasant.
2. Give yourself some time to commute.  ????
>> This is really important. It takes you a little longer than usual to walk/commute through snow. So make sure that you give yourself some extra minutes when you have appointments/meetings/classes/anything. :)
>> and when you have more time to walk:
– You don’t have to rush through the snow = less stress!
– You have time to watch your steps/path = less accidents!
– You have time to appreciate the snowy scenery along the way = more relaxation!
                                           >> good reasons, right? ?
3. (Also,) Give your friends some time~ ????
>> Don’t be mad at them when they’re running a little late. Sometimes it’s really hard to estimate the time we need to commute. Walking through snow is a struggle already. Let us understand each other and share the warmth of love rather than the cold of indifference, shall we? :)
4. Moisturizers are your best friends!! ??
>> Your skin needs some care this time around, too. Put on some more lotion on those sensitive/dry areas (elbow, hand, face, literally just put on lotion everywhere lol). Your skin will never get dry and itchy (<– Yeah, that’s annoying…)
5. Rest~~ ???
>> Reading while watching snowfall is actually one of my favorite things to do in winter here. (Well I don’t have snow back home…) So make sure that you give yourself some restful moments and enjoy this beauty of winter while it lasts. :) How about giving yourself a study break with some hot tea and a good hour of netflix on your comfy bed? (<– I know, right? ;) )
Your CAs 
(Toys, Sara, Josh, Chris)
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